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Developers vs. Users vs. M2M Clients

Developers vs. Users vs. M2M Clients (Actors)

In Oystehr, an Actor is any of the three Oystehr resources capable of getting an access token to invoke Oystehr's APIs. The three different types of Actors are:

  • Developers — Developer accounts are used to log into the Developer Console and administrate Projects.
  • Users — Users are the people who log into the Applications you configure for securing the apps you build on top of Oystehr.
  • M2M Clients — M2M Clients are used to access Oystehr APIs from scripts and server-side code like Zambda Functions.
ActorCan log into the Oystehr Developer ConsoleCan log into your Oystehr ApplicationsIs a PersonAuthenticates with OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code FlowAuthenticates with OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Flow
M2M Client

FHIR Profile

Terminology: FHIR Profile

Every Actor has a FHIR resource that represents them in the FHIR store which is called their "FHIR Profile". The Actor's FHIR Profile serves a few purposes:

Disambiguation: Do not confuse an Actor's FHIR profile with FHIR profiling (opens in a new tab).

Actor FHIR Profile Resource Types

ActorFHIR Resource
UserPatient, Practitioner
M2M ClientDevice

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