App Service

The App service facilitates login and user management for projects built on Oystehr. It consists of two resources:

  • Applications — Applications provide authentication for the web and mobile apps you build on top of Oystehr. You will configure a Oystehr Application for any project that needs Oystehr login support, such as a patient portal or a provider-facing EHR system. Then, when Users log into your apps, they will authenticate with Oystehr and receive an access token which is used to call Oystehr APIs.
  • Users — Users are the people who log into your apps. For example, you might have patient Users who log into a patient portal, or provider Users who log into a provider-facing EHR system. Users can be invited, or they can sign themselves up, depending on your Application's configuration.

Note that there is a difference between Users and Developers. Developers are the people who build the apps that Users log into and use. Learn more about the difference between Developers and Users.