Scheduled Zambdas

We will cover what scheduled Zambdas are, when you should use them and how to create one. If you have not already read the Writing Zambdas guide, we recommend you do so before continuing.

Overview of Scheduled Zambdas

Scheduled Zambdas run at a regular interval. If desired, you can specify a start and end time frame for them to run.

Defining the rate at which a Scheduled Zambda runs is done using a cron expression. You can read more about cron expressions here (opens in a new tab).

Example use cases:

Creating a Scheduled Zambda

If you do not already have a Zambda, you can create one by following the Writing Zambdas guide.

Navigate to (opens in a new tab) and select your Zambda. Make these edits:

  • Trigger method cron
  • Specify a cron expression of rate(1 minute)
  • Choose a start and end date
  • Save your changes

This image shows the UI for updating a Zambda to be a Scheduled Zambda:

Create a Scheduled Zambda

If you wait until the start time for your Scheduled Zambda, you will see that it has been run. You can view the logs for your Zambda by clicking the Logs button on the Zambda page.