The Messaging Service is currently in beta.

Messaging Service


The Oystehr Messaging Service provides HIPAA-compliant rails for building healthcare messaging workflows. It is integrated with the Oystehr FHIR Service so that when you send SMS messages or create Conversations, they are automatically documented in the clinical record.

The Messaging Service has two components:

  • Transactional SMS — Send texts to patients and providers and receive responses. These are typically appointment reminders, medication reminders, and other automated messages, but can support full two-way communication over SMS.
  • Conversations — Multi-channel HIPAA-compliant chat rooms. Conversations are a powerful way to build custom workflows that require real-time communication between providers and/or patients. For example, you might create a Conversation for providers using a webapp to discuss a patient's care plan. Or, you might create a Conversation where a provider messages with a patient through a mobile app, and the patient receives and responds to messages via SMS on their phone.

When to use Transactional SMS vs. Conversations

Transactional SMS is ideal for one-way automated text messages. It is more cost effective (opens in a new tab), and easier to use than Conversations. Transactional SMS also offers support for inbound SMS messages, but building a full two-way, conversational experience with Transactional SMS requires polling the FHIR store for new Communication resources.

If you need real-time communication between two or more parties, then Conversations is a good fit.

🚧  Beta Access

The Oystehr Messaging Service is being used in production by Oystehr customers. However, it is still in beta and we are actively working on improving the service. Before you can use the Messaging Service the Oystehr team needs to enable it for your Project. Send us an email at [email protected] to request access.


The Messaging Service does not yet support FHIR R5 (opens in a new tab).